Never had small ego height
Never had the spotlight sight
Never had menaj a trios
But dreams are for the sleeping type

I've been living home alone
My Heart wrapped in provolone
Mix that with some bread and butter
Capitalism formula

One day ima make it right to capital heights
Without a kite
Ask my man obama for that lesson in diplomacy
Figure out a way to lift the ban on Cuba buy a seat
All the way to Africa to learn about that western beat

We've been living home alone
Dragged across to foreign land
Lost my voice in 1619
Meditation past life dream

Feelin my bliss like Mooji
I'll see my moose if I believe in
Fairy tales that come to real life all the way in pakistan

Travelled all across the world to see a dream a tall grown moose
Made a stop in Thailand where I found
Old temples in the trees

Had some sushi in the Japan then paid respects to the bombed land
Didn't see my antlers so I took a short trip overseas

Now i'm in Australia on hiatus with kayoties took a chance to go under the water with the coral reefs

They've been feelin home alone
Trapped in waters growin’ warm
From the trail that I made tryna find my moose in foreign land

Took a cruise cross oceans,
now i'm in the LA
Surfing water on daily
Barely got my soul swiped from the Lucifer Experiments

Found my silence
Then consciously I made a trip

(Mooji talking)

Back to the land where i started from
No silly dreams for the silent one
Home is the place where im listinen in Kalamazoo MI

Far from living mindset home alone
Ego's feelin’ lil bit small grown
Threesome with my mind body and soul
Leave a brother Wholesome

Soul is the place where i toiled some
Times sadly let my my soil run
Dryer than the desert in Atacama
Heart chill to the bone like Antarctica

Never thought these moments were necessary till now
Till I saw the balance in extremes when seeing on silent ground

So everyday I wake up and I pray that each of my moments will not be the same
Then I write out the blessings I have generated by the failures in past, oh yea

Back to that moment when I was standing on silent ground
Lucy had my mind up in a choke hold till my voice was found

It said the only reason you left home, was the to find the
things you thought you didn't know
And find unique ways to let it show
Instead you found ways to cope

Numb to the world
Silence the girl
Soul in a curl
Ego said world
is the answer to your problems but my silence told me that
You didn't need to go so far from home (x3)

He said you travelled all across the world to see your moose in Michigan
Travelled all across the world to see your moose in Michigan
Travelled all across the world to see my moose in Michigan
To see my moose in Michigan


from Forrenland, released September 26, 2018
Producer : Jordan Hamilton, Justin Jackson
Lyrics and Composition :Jordan Hamilton
Additional Vocals : Catalina Gonzalez
All instrumentation performed by Jordan Hamilton
Mixed by Justin Jackson
Mastered by Ian Gorman of LaLuna Recording


all rights reserved



Jordan Hamilton Kalamazoo, Michigan

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